ureakvant  4

 automatic analyzer evaluating the urea in a full-fat milk

 specification and technical parametres

The principle of the activity - the milk sample is automatically diluted and tempered by the apparatus. The sample coming through the enzymic reactor causes the urea hydrolysis, the hydrolysis can be identified on the base of the change in conductance. The rate of the change is proportional to the urea concentration in the sample.

Material to be analysed - full-fat milk unpreserved or with the following preserving reagents: bronopol, natamycin, streptomycin and other antibiotics, sodium azide, potassium two-chroman. The preserving reagents on salt or heavy metal complex, esp. mercury and silver, bases could not be used since they inactivate urease.

The amount of the sample to be analysed                              - min. 1 ml, consumption for 1 analysis: 0.04 ml

Number of analysed samples in one series - max. 60

Calibration position           - 5  (12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 mg/100ml)

Control position                  - 1  (30 mg/100ml)

Measuring range                - 6 - 120 mg of urea in 100 ml of milk

Analyzer output                   - up to 80 analyses an hour

Repeatability                        - better than ± 3 in the whole linearity range

Standard deviation             - after 20 parallel evaluations < 1.5 %

1 sample costs                    - ..............    according to the size of set of chemicals

Program equipment - faults and defects notifications, control of the calibration, reactor, process of analysis, stand-by mode, wash, implementation of the data format available for the processing of the Guidance document UREAPROT


Feeding                                  - 220 V, 50 Hz


Height, width, depth             - 43, 45, 55 cm


Weight                                    - 12 kg


Exclusive supplier                 AGROSLUŽBY Olomouc, s.r.o.



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